Stylish Options for Shower Enclosures to Make Your Bathroom Look Impressive.

Stylish Options for Shower

Don’t you just hate it when the shower curtains that separate the shower area inside bathrooms look shabby and unclean due to the molds and mildew? Shower enclosures can be stylish options, sleeker and hygienic alternatives compared to the usual shower curtains.┬áMoreover, a shower enclosure not only guards the water from seeping out of the shower and the floor to avoid slippage. They are also easier to clean and to maintain.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of stylish options for shower enclosure in the market. With a shower enclosure, you will have the freedom to install different bathroom accessories which include shower heads spraying water on you from different directions. Also, shower enclosures add to the flexibility of the bathroom design and provide a hassle-free showering facility. However, it is a prerequisite that your bathroom has easy and convenient plumbing facility.

Choose from these sleek and fashionable designs of shower enclosures and start designing your bathrooms:

1. Curved Panel Corner option or Space-saving Solution

This is the best choice for bathrooms with limited space, or those with a little corner to spare, as it can fit even in a very small corner of the room. An infold shower door that opens into the shower enclosure or a sliding door is both for this kind of shower enclosure. Moreover, shower enclosure’s location is often at the corner of the bathroom to maximize space.

2. Period style or Contemporary Design

For a traditional-style bathroom, a lavish, freestanding shower can be one of the most stunning centerpieces. This is inspired and influenced by the classic designs of the 1920s, but conceptualized with the latest technology, plumbing and thermostatic controls. This can be clad in a wide array of materials, such as marble, wood, or mosaic to make certain that the concept and design are in harmony with its surroundings.

3. Spa Retreat Shower or Pampering Experience Design

This style is ideal for people looking for that daily rejuvenation and spa style treatment. Combining a series of natural therapies, including Turkish bath treatment, hydrotherapy, reflexology and aromatherapy, a spa retreat shower or a corner hydro massage and steam cabin shower enclosure gives users a spa experience in the comforts of their own home.

4. Bespoke shape or Understated look

For bathroom space with unusual or awkward shape a custom made or made to measure style is the best. The screen panel can be fitted to curve to either the left or right side for understated look. Added fixture such as a towel rail for a touch of luxury or a dwarf wall incorporated into your design can give the shower enclosure a more chic look.

These stylish options for shower enclosure lets you choose from curving enclosure, sliding doors, doors that swing either outward or inward and even freestanding shower enclosure depending on the size of your bathroom. In the end, the style and fittings would be entirely up to you. Just keep in mind that even if you are not exactly into the aesthetics of your bathroom, a shower enclosure is a practical choice.