Shower Door Installation: Basic Tips and Guides!

Shower Door Installation

If you’re doing some renovation in your bathroom and are considering installing a new door for the shower room, there are important steps that you have to do first before starting any activity. Though as easy as it may look, installing a door can turn out to be a mess if you don’t start with the right footing (read: ending up with a door misaligned, creaking or with water still streaking outside). To avoid messing up your shower door installation, here are five important things that you need to bear in mind:

  1. Perhaps, the most important thing to settle first is the type of door that you would be installing, as each installation procedure varies with each door type. Arguably, the easiest to install is the traditional swinging type. Installing hanging panel doors or sliding glass doors, on the other hand, require a bit different set of steps.
  2. The material for the door is also another deciding factor on how convenient or difficult the whole installation activity could be. Glass shower doors can either be framed or un-framed, and each requires some different details in handling.
  3. Next, you need to be sure on the dimensions of the space that you would do the door installation. A centimeter unaccounted can spell the difference between a functioning door and an annoying piece of panel hinged into the doorway to your shower. Construction experts advise that you don’t start the measurements until you have finally installed the marble and tile fittings. Those features can mess up the space that you would allot for the door when not factored into your measurements. Upon getting a final measurement of the space, add in the minimum space allowance for the door to swing smoothly. Note that most building codes in the country require that the door swing out, so make sure there is ample enough room for the door to swing when you pull it from outside.

If you have ordered a ready-to-install door from your home depot or home supplier, you can usually find step-by-step guides for proper installation in the attached manual. These, however, would often still start with getting the dimensions manually so be prepared and properly equipped to do some measurements.

  1. Once you have finalized the dimensions, the next step is to ensure that your shower walls are plumbed so you can thoroughly adjust the door to keep all the water inside. The linings of the door that connects to the wall jambs must be properly sealed to prevent water from streaking through them. This is particularly important if you are installing a glass door that serves as part of the shower enclosure.
  2. Finally, if you’re not that confident in your do-it-yourself skills and are afraid to mess up the installation, you can always call for professional help. There are quite a number of companies out there who provide affordable service for door installation. You can easily tap on these service contractors through the Internet, as most of them are catering to online sites. You can also check the manufacturer of the door itself, as they would often give their customers a choice for accompanying installation service with your purchase.