Round shower enclosures – when technologies meet comfort!

round shower enclosuer


The time when the bathroom design was placed last in the list of bath equipment has gone! Now the bathroom design is one of the main features a person thinks of when starting a rework. Many people crave for functionality and practical features of all the elements installed in the bathroom meanwhile other are thinking of esthetics and comfort. However there are elements in which functionality meets comfort, design and safety. These are round shower enclosures!

Why to install enclosures? The enclosure is meant for protection in the bathroom and plays a double role. First it protects all the surfaces in the bathroom from getting wet, slippery and stained. Second it protects a person taking shower by limiting the space and thus reducing the chances to fall on the floor if slipping. That is why one of the most important features to pay attention to is a safety and durability of materials the shower enclosure will be made of.

Talking about choice you should take into consideration the next features to install in your bathroom safe and high quality enclosure which will protect your bathroom environment and sufficiently add its design.

The materials the round shower enclosure is made of. Most enclosures are made from stained tempered thick piece of glass. However there are solutions made of acryl.  Glass is surely a more fragile material, but taking into account the thickness of the piece used for enclosures you can be sure of durability and safety.

The fixing elements. You should pay special attention to the hinges your round shower enclosure will be equipped with. These elements are playing the sufficient role in safety of the entire construction holding it tight. In most cases the shower cabins are directly fixed to the tile wall.

round shower cabin

The form. Craving for the round shower you should first think of its weight as its form will require a larger piece of glass. In most cases the round form is just a whim. But this is from the first sight. When thinking further you will see that a round shape of shower enclosure provides more space for showering that makes it a perfect solution for small in space bathrooms.

The design of the shield (whether glass or acrylic) can be simple (just a transparent piece of material) or frozen or traced. Remember the rule that a simpler a design of each individual element in the bathroom the better final look of the space you will get. Choosing a tracery for you enclosure you should keep in mind the surrounding elements and choose the design in trend with all other elements in the space.

Round shower enclosure is a perfect solution for a great esthetic look of your bathroom, it is easy to clean and maintain and it does not need special care. The only elements which need your attention are hinges. However these are specially designed to be hard worn under the severe conditions of bathroom environment.

The round enclosures for showering are simple to clean. These do not have corners in which molds and dust can be accumulated as in case with other types of enclosures. Among other advantages of round enclosures you will find extreme durability and safety of the element.

Being a perfect stylish add-on to your bathroom you should realize that this type of shower cabins are more expensive due to the materials used to produce them, form, durable hinges. However this is not an element you are going to reinstall in a couple of years. Investing your cash in round shower enclosure you invest in your health, safety and sleek design of your bathroom. The enclosure is easy to clean giving the element brand new sparkling look!

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