Here are Some Bathroom Shower Ideas to Hype up Your Experience!

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Tired of the traditional bland look of your shower room and wanting to give it a new vibe? Who says the bathroom should be kept as plain-looking as possible, anyway? With the rapid revolution sweeping the home improvement industry today, you can now play around with the way your bathroom looks and functions. Gone are the days when the shower is just a collection of basic tools for taking a bath; now you can install features to get your shower experience to a whole new level. Yes, unleash your creativity in the confines of one of the most private rooms in your house! Here are some of the most creative shower ideas to hit the town:

Go modern, or post-modern, or ultra-post-modern, whatever suits your aesthetic taste. If you will ask most art enthusiasts today, the drive is towards the minimalistic vibe of the modern era. This is most achieved by adding showerheads with fixed sheer looks (mostly the square-looking ones). This is usually accompanied by sliding glass doors (for the added elegance) and small pieces that blend in smoothly with the room (such as little stands and racks). Perhaps the most important advantage of the minimalistic design is that it’s great for saving space and giving your shower room a more spacious ambience.

Repaint the walls and experiment with their designs. There is no rule saying that you have to stick to the traditional tiled-walls look of the bathroom, with all the flowery, crafty designs. You can now play with colors, even loud ones, depending on what suits you. Some people even it pull it notches higher by spilling some creative energy to their bathroom walls through murals and sketches.

Play with your shower lights. Nope, it’s not imperative that you keep the common plain white bulb in your shower. When it comes to new ideas, one of the things that most homeowners quickly want to fiddle with is the lighting in the shower. This is perhaps primarily because of the advancement in electronics today that makes experimenting with light fixtures a whole lot easier. You can change the intensity of the light in your shower and make it adjustable depending on your mood. LED lights installment is also hype today and you can add them to your bathroom for a more playful, creative look.

Keep it healthy. Since you are off to making changes in your shower, you might also start by adding water filters to your shower. Health enthusiasts today advise about the necessity of filters for your shower heads to protect yourself from the increasing levels of ‘purifying’ chemicals in the water, such as chlorine.

Practice going green. It might also be time that you pay attention to the ‘greenness’ of your showering activity. Another popular move among modern shower ideas is reworking the design and components of the bathroom to make it as environment-friendly as possible. You can install toilets that do more water conservation, and shower stands that are more efficient.

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