Glass shower enclosures – luxury in your bathroom design!

Glass shower enclosure

Glass shower enclosures are the very elements of the bathroom design which make your bathroom look different! These light constructions seem airy and light weighted. However what are the advantages of glass constructions in the bathrooms? The glass is still a fragile material and the market has far more affordable solutions for bathrooms. Why still glass constructions are so popular?

The time when all bathrooms looked the same has gone. Now is a revolutionary era of glass bathroom design. This is time when bathroom design comes to first line. The enclosure is what helps to make your bathroom look different.

The glass shower enclosures are produced in a variety of forms and sizes that will surely fit any space. You can choose from a vast model line the one which will exactly fit not only the size of your bathroom space but will sufficiently improve your bathroom design.

The glass used for the constructions is not the same fragile glass. Modern glass processing uses special technologies of glass strengthening that make it safe and durable. Now the glass shower enclosures are not only one purpose units in your bathroom. These enclosures enhance your safety and comfort while taking shower. By limiting the space you are in while showering the chances of falling down are sufficiently reduced.

The ordinary glass used in household is usually prone to damages and wearing out from hard usage. The glass in the shower enclosure is exposed to heat, moisture and continuous water trials.

Though the glass enclosures have at the same time some disadvantages as compared to a cheaper units made of acryl.

Glass enclosures are usually much heavier and thus harder to install properly. Commonly to install a glass enclosure one needs an expert help meanwhile acrylic one can be installed easily on your own.

Glass units are more expensive. This is timeless luxury for your bathroom. The new hi-tech glass will never be out of design and interior fashion. Investing in the glass enclosure you can be sure that you will not feel a desire to replace it in a while. Glass shower enclosures look fantastic and easy despite the mass of the construction.

However the glass constructions are easy to keep and maintain. The modern glass does not require any special care to stay clean, transparent and bright.

Thus making a decision to install a glass shower enclosure you should be ready for:

  • A higher price (it usually makes up to 40% up of the ordinary price)
  • Getting a heavier construction
  • More durable unit.

When it comes to choose a model or a design of the enclosure you should take in consideration all the elements of your bathroom to add each other rather than contradict. Thus if your bathroom is designed in high tech then it is better to choose the shower enclosure featuring high tech style. Craving for minimalistic design you should avoid tracery and massive design elements in your enclosure.

The best solution for any bathroom is still a transparent piece of glass with no design elements. Glass shower enclosures are durable and will serve in your bathroom for many years. Thus renovating your bathroom space you can still avoid the additional expenses for changing the shower enclosure.

Choosing glass shower enclosures you choose usability, style, safety and comfort. This advantages line can be added with even more concepts but still are not these enough to make a decision and equip your bathroom with a perfect enclosure? Once installed you can forget about the necessity of changing something in your bathroom! Glass enclosures are perfect safety and style solution for any kind and size of the bathroom space!

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