Frameless shower enclosures – stylish add-on of safety in your bathroom!

Frameless shower enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures – a new word in the bathroom equipment. Since the bathroom has turned into a place of relaxation, recharging and recovery after a daily workout then the issue of comfort, esthetics and comfort turned to be of greater importance. Modern bathroom is a specific place in your house that you should take care of. Though your home should be safe and secure, a bathroom is the only place challenging you with slippery wet surfaces. An enclosure in the bathroom is designed for several purposes. These are esthetic look, protection of other surfaces of getting wet and slippery during taking shower, bathroom protection of lime scale as any enclosure prevents the surfaces of getting wet and thus form forming of lime scale on them!

A while ago people used to put a curtain which was absolutely impractical. It stuck to surfaces when getting wet and the same to you. The period of wearing this out is rather short. However it seems to be the cheapest way of protection of your bathroom from lime scale. However this curtain challenged you and your health with another trigger. Being kept wet and folded the black mold can appear in the folds and then get further on the bathroom surfaces (tile cuts, etc).

The framed shower enclosures came to replace the curtains. The metals frame from all four seizes of the door created the sense of heaviness and mass. Besides the same metal frame with its edges perform the same challenges for your life and health. Metal frame is a perfect place for molds. Besides it is quiet easy to get hurt against another piece of metal in the place.

Frameless shower enclosures2

The evolution of bathroom design has come to frameless shower cabins which are slick design, safe, usable and hard wearing. The enclosure is often made of a piece of solid stained glass with hinges to be fixed on the walls which are the only metal elements of the constructions. Being unframed the enclosure provides the sense of ease and airiness in the bathroom.

As all other types of the enclosures this one is open to creativity in design and appearance. The glass can be frosted and transparent, with curves and traces, colored and simple. The design is surely an issue of taste.

Though being excellent solution for bathrooms these shower cabins have as pros so some cons.

Among pros you will find its heaviness (up to 70 pounds meanwhile framed enclosures are up to 50 pounds), ease of cleaning the absence of frame performs a clear surface with no gaps for litter and mud and mold to get in, thicker glass.

Among cons you will surely notice that this element is rather expensive, it is difficult to install because of its weight. The glass though being stained and tempered is a fragile material which needs care when being installed and used.

The frameless shower enclosures are revolutionary invention for any bathroom. The modern bathroom interior and design market offers a great variety of models different in form and shape, design and color, ways of fixing to the wall. Such an enclosure will fit any space and can get an individual design if your bathroom is not of standard size or standard design!

Shower cabins despite the name can be installed as in case of shower so in case of bath. The items are not limited in size. By putting such a protection element in your bathroom you protect all the surfaces from getting wet and stained, and you from getting badly injured during falling as the enclosure will limit the space and will make it almost impossible for you to fall on the floor!

How to install frameless glass doors for tile shower: