Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Aesthetics is always a factor when it comes to furniture and constructs. For example, many individuals prefer glass shower doors over opaque shower doors because of their aesthetic value. However, items with aesthetic value tend to be high maintenance so as to preserve their beauty and appeal. In the same example, soap scum regularly sticks to and stains glass shower doors. The soap scum is much more visible on glass shower doors than on opaque ones because they allow light to pass through. Cleaning a glass shower is not a hard task as long as the person has the materials and knows the appropriate technique. Here is a simple guide on how to clean glass shower doors.


There are only three materials that are necessary when cleaning glass shower doors. These are a sponge, a cleaning agent, and water. The sponge will be used to apply the cleaning agent onto the glass while the water will be used to rinse the glass. The cleaning agent to be used is determined by the thickness of the soap scum that is on the glass shower door. The cleaning agent may come in a variety of forms, although many people prefer the use of tub or glass cleaners. The combination of Dawn and vinegar may also be used as a cleaning agent.


First, the cleaning agent should be applied onto the glass shower door. Be careful in this step since homemade cleaning agents require the vinegar to be at or near boiling temperature. Second, the sponge should be able to spread the cleaning agent all over the glass shower door until suds begin to form. The formation of the suds ensure that the cleaning agent is reacting with the soap scum. Afterwards, the cleaning agent should be left to react for 10 to 15 minutes.

The third step may either be rinsing off the cleaning agent or applying more cleaning agent. This step is dependent on the hardness of water that the house uses as bath water. However, many individuals prefer to add more cleaning agent because it ensures that all of the soap scum will come off. In any case, the third step will end with the rinsing of the glass. The fourth step is optional and requires the use of a protecting wax. The wax is applied onto the glass shower door to protect it and to minimize the amount of soap scum that will stick to the door.


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