Acrylic shower enclosures – a step away from bathroom traditions!

Acrylic shower enclosure


When it comes to bathroom design the modern bath interior market has a great bulk of solutions to offer. This time the review will consider acrylic shower enclosures. These all are different in shape and size, materials, design and functionality. However they have the only purpose in common which is an enhancement of your comfort. This means whatever you are going to install in your bathroom you should feel comfortable.

How to choose the best shower enclosure from acryl?

The choice is always hard as there are many solutions that can entirely fit the space. To start with you should determine the size and form of the enclosure itself. You should be precise in your choice and keep in mind the size of your bathroom. Installing a larger enclosure your bathroom can embrace you will cut the useful space in your bathroom thus limiting your comfort. And putting a smaller enclosure than is possible in your bathroom space you will limit the space for showering which will also affect your comfort.

The place to install a new enclosure is another factor which will sufficiently reduce or add the price. If you choose the place where previous enclosure was then you have the pipes in the place and you should not take care of repositioning them in the space. However if you are obsessed with an idea of installing your new shower enclosure in a new place then you should start with preparatory works with pipes.

The quality of acryl used for the acrylic shower enclosures is one of the vital features you should pay attention to when choosing your new shower enclosure! Some elements (for example acrylic shower pans) which are claimed to be acrylic may have just acrylic finish and can be made of ABS inside which will sufficiently affect the quality and durability. Pay the greatest attention to the color of the acryl, the brighter the shade of white is the worse the quality of the material used for enclosure!

Another factor to pay attention to when choosing acrylic shower enclosures is fixing elements and durability of the entire construction. However acryl being a lighter material then glass is easier to install use. Acryl does not perform such an excessive load over the fixing elements as glass does.

Acryl or glass?

Glass shower enclosures are surly more durable but at once they perform some drawbacks as heaviness of the construction which requires solid fixing elements, fragility of the glass which requires extreme care during installation and usage and the price as glass units are much more expensive than acrylic ones.

Getting an idea to install one of the acrylic shower enclosures in your bathroom you should bear in mind:

  • Acryl is a rather durable material so you should not take special care when using the enclosure. Taking pains to choose high quality acrylic elements you will enjoy a perfect enclosure in your bathroom.
  • Acryl requires the same care to keep and maintain the enclosure as glass ones do. There is no special care of cleaning advices for keeping acrylic enclosures clean.
  • Acryl shower enclosures can be made in a variety of forms and shapes and styles as glass ones.

Installing one of the acrylic shower enclosures you choose affordable but still durable and high quality shower enclosure. The style of such a unit of your bathroom can sufficiently add the design of the entire space. Choosing simple construction you will provide the sense of ease and airiness in your bathroom! Being properly maintained and timely fixed in case of any damages the acrylic shower enclosure will be a perfect low price solution for the bathroom!