Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Quite often people call shower enclosures as the shower corners, because they are represented by the normal – size cabins which are usually placed at the bath room’s corner. They let provide the reliable protection of the walls and furniture from the dampness and the moisture which can appear during the shower. It is not difficult to install the shower corners and repair them, because their only opening and closing mechanism is the special hinge or roller and it is possible to substitute it for another without any problems.

At the market you can see and order three types of the shower enclosures

1)      Shower enclosures with the wing doors.

2)      Shower enclosures with the sliding doors.

3)      Shower enclosures with the accordion doors.

Shower door installation guide

If you want to buy the shower enclosures you will have to be sure in your choice of the necessary size, desirable configuration, producing company, style and of course the desirable diapason of the prices. The glass shower enclosure is the most popular variant which can let you combine the perfect practical features with the aesthetics of the glass.

The quadrant shower enclosures are the stylish enclosures which often include one or two sliding doors with the roller mechanism. This is the fashionable and comfortable d?cor element which has a lot of functions in the modern bath – room. The shower enclosure of the quadrant form is the shower cabin which consists of the corner without any back walls. As you read below the shower corners can also have the wing and accordion doors which can be made with the glass or the plastic. All these shower corners can differ from each other by their size, the variant of the profile and glass. You can order the quadrant shower enclosures with the deep or low shower trays or without it at all.

Shower enclosure Serenity Extra Swing

AM PM Serenity collection of the shower corners reminds the placidity of the nature. All the corners’ models ideally combine with the any bath – room’s interior and share the feel of the internal peace of mind. With these shower corners you can feel the atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure.

AM PM Tender collection of the shower corners are equipped by the tray. They are very economical, handle and light for exploitation. This collection can satisfy everybody and the Italian design will never leave anybody indifferent to it.

AM PM Bliss collection of the shower corners represents the real treasure: you can see the different height and forms of the tray, the profiles with the matt chrome and the silver, wing or sliding doors (which also have the mechanism of the smooth opened system. You can be designer of your own bath – room or the shower – room for your family by this various designer collection.

AM PM Sense collection of the shower corners are equipped by the tray too. These corners are usually used for the small bath – rooms and shower – rooms. You can make your bath – room or shower – room more comfortable by these shower corners even if you have not enough unlimited space. Every model’s ideal form and its unique functionality combine with each other in this collection.

The accordion, wing and sliding shower corners and the shower enclosures of the Sturm Company are high qualitative. They also have the different designed variants.

The offset quadrant shower enclosures of the Jacob Delafon INDIGO Company are very comfortable and cosy. All the structure’s joining are absolutely hermetic. The clear safe glass has the protective anti – calcareous covering.

If you decided to buy the quadrant shower enclosure you will have several advantages. For example you don’t have to buy the native tray special for this shower corner, so you haven’t any limits for the tray choosing.